Image to illustrate radio to blog post

Blog Posts: Topic, Interview… Airwaves?

Blog posts. I’ve been writing and optimizing a lot of them for clients lately.

One of those clients is Lifetime Vision in Grand Forks, N.D. FredComm worked with Lifetime to create its new logo and website last year, and this year we have the privilege of working with them on new content.

Different clients like to have their blog posts developed in different ways.

Some like to provide a topic and nothing more. I do research and draft the post.

Others, like SnowWolf and Stonebrooke Equipment, provide the topic and make the appropriate people on their teams available for interviews. I talk to those folks for a while and ask them a lot of questions about the topic and the equipment they sell that relates to it, do some supplemental research on my own, then write the blog post.

The blog post creation process Lifetime Vision is unique, not to mention fun.

Lifetime owner Dr. Jeff Yunker is on KNOX radio with its morning hosts a few times a month discussing various issues related to eyesight and vision correction. I receive the audio from the 5- to 7-minute segment and, based on Dr. Jeff’s discussion with the hosts, look up some medical terms to ensure everything will be understandable to the average blog reader and wrap it all together in an interesting package.

The final few steps for any of these three processes are the same:

  • Share draft with client.
  • Make edits provided by client.
  • Repeat until blog post is approved.

For some clients I also handle locating and downloading appropriate images to go with the posts the physical act of posting to their websites, as well.

Whatever the process you will work best for creating and sharing your blog posts, I can help. Let’s share some good words for your business today!