Firmly Planted in Strong Positioning

Mid-State Seed, Marshall, Mo., conditions soybean seed developed by leading seed companies and grown by select area farmers. The company separates, cleans, treats and custom packages more than 50 branded, identity-preserved varieties for distributors around the world.

Mid-State partners with only the best seed companies and farmers who have demonstrated consistent performance. Partnership and trust are the hallmarks of the company’s business philosophy.

Fredricks Communications helped Mid-State’s primary marketing firm, Paulson Marketing, Sioux Falls, S.D., develop the Mid-State positioning, created the tagline, “Firmly Planted in Partnership,” and wrote website content.

I drew the tagline, “Firmly Planted in Partnership,” from multiple literal and figurative aspects of the Mid-State brand identity: Mid-State is engaged in the business of providing soybean seed that is planted. Mid-State believes in partnership; the company stands firm with its growers, is always there to help them grow and prosper. Figuratively, “firm” suggests strength, fortitude and loyalty, and can also represent honesty and integrity.

Screenshot of homepage of Mid-State Seed, a Marshall, MO-based seed company. Fredricks Communications created the company's tagline - "Firmly Planted in Partnership" - and wrote its homepage content.
Logo for Mid-State Seed, Marshall Mo. Fredricks Communications worked with the company through Paulson Marketing, Sioux Falls.

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