Costs for Advertising, Marketing & PR Services

the brass tacks on fredricks communications pricing

You have a bottom line for advertising, marketing and PR costs. I get it.

After reading a bit about me, what I do and for whom, you’re thinking, “That’s great, but what’s it gonna cost for my advertising, marketing or public relations project? Well, there’s an easy answer to the price question, and there’s a just-a-bit-more-involved answer.

Easy Answer: I’m not sure yet.

Slightly More Involved: Give me a little of your time and I’ll tell you exactly what it’s going to cost. It’ll be less than the vast majority of agencies, more than some independents, and always a good value.

We’ll discuss what you have in mind and I’ll ask lots of questions. I want you to learn about me, too, so I’ll answer yours. We’ll talk briefly about advertising, marketing and public relations copy and content development as a give-and-take partnership where both of us are responsible for outcomes.

After that, I’ll give you a solid price quote. It’ll be based on what I learn about you, what I know about my abilities and the advantages my clients get from my 25 years of experience.

And here’s the thing – once I give you a quote, I’ll stick to it. There will be no surprises or changes unless you significantly alter the scope of the project, and if that happens I’ll let you know before I move forward.

Fact is, anyone can write. Only a few write well. Fewer still can write copy and create content that’ll make your brand sing.

If this sounds like I’m the kind of copywriter and content creator you want to work with, drop me a line.