What’s in a tagline?

quite a bit, actually.

Your brand positioning line, a.k.a. tagline, carries a lot of weight. Make sure it comes heavy.

Check out samples of taglines I’ve created for clients over the years. There are others I created while an employee at other agencies, which means I can’t list them here, but I can tell you about them – and I’ll be glad to do so. Regardless of who I was working for or whose line it was, anyway, these are the criteria I use to evaluate and ensure taglines are solid. 

It’s impossible to comprehend everything related to company, culture, objects, products/services and people that have gone into a tagline just by reading it. If you’d like to hear the stories behind these taglines and the considerations that went into them, please let me know; I’d love to walk you through them.

Meanwhile, on a lighter note…