It’s Your Brand – Build It. Position It. Protect It.

make sure everyone knows who you are, where you stand and what makes you different

Branding is what you do to build and maintain a strong identity so prospects have a positive image of your organization and your offerings. Any time people think of what you sell, you want to be at the top of their list. But it’s anything but simple. I’ll help you…

  • define what your identity is now and what you want it to be.
  • define your position compared to your competitors and create a compelling positioning line,
    a.k.a., tagline.
  • develop a messaging framework that highlights your differentiators and gives you a roadmap for all future communications..
  • deliver clear, concise and honest brand messages through strategic copywriting and SEO content development.
  • answer the golden question for customers and prospects – what’s in it for me?

positioning: stake your claim

Positioning is the process of placing your company, products and services in the most profitable place possible as compared to your competitors. It’s how you set yourself apart in terms of your own strengths – service, time, cost, expertise, quality, etc. – planting a flag in the fertile soil of prospects’ minds and protecting it.