Your Brand – Build it. Position it. Defend it.

make sure everyone knows where you stand

Branding is what you do to build and maintain a strong identity so prospects have a positive image of your organization and your offerings. Any time people think of what you sell, you want to be at the top of their list. But it’s anything but simple. I’ll help you

  • define what your identity is now and what you want it to be
  • define your position compared to your competitors and create a compelling positioning line,
    a.k.a., tagline
  • develop a messaging framework that highlights your differentiators and gives you a road
    map for all future communications
  • deliver clear, concise and honest brand messages through strategic copywriting and SEO content development
  • answer the golden question for customers and prospects – what’s in it for me?

positioning: stake your claim

Is your positioning line, a.k.a. tagline, differentiating your company from your competitors? Is it intriguing? Or at least interesting? Does it highlight your value proposition? What does it say about your company, your products and services or your culture? Will it make people in your target markets stop, think and want to learn more?

A good positioning line should do at least one of those things –  check out my criteria for evaluating them. Not quite so much rides on the shoulders of a campaign them or tagline, but it’s still pretty important. See examples.

Let’s talk about your culture, products/services and customers and come up with a positioning line that will do the things above, and – most importantly – help you gain leads, sell more or get more support for your cause.



  • advertising – TV, radio, print, online and integrated across channels
  • annual reports
  • blog posts
  • brand positioning
  • case studies
  • communication & public relations plans
  • corporate & sales brochures/sheets
  • corporate & sales videos
  • direct mail
  • e-blasts
  • feature stories
  • messaging frameworks & strategies
  • newsletters
  • presentations
  • press releases & kits
  • social media posts
  • taglines
  • thought-leadership pieces
  • tradeshow materials
  • website content

industry experience

  • agriculture
  • banking/financial
  • civic/government
  • construction
  • education/university/research
  • electrical device supply
  • health care
  • insurance
  • it systems/software
  • nonprofit/advocacy
  • paper recycling
  • public health
  • telecommunications
  • trucking
  • utilities
  • wind energy
  • workforce safety