Just What’s the Big Idea Here?

great concepts make for great campaigns

In today’s high-speed marketplace, no one takes a lot of time to pay attention to marketing messages, let alone read or think about them. Unless…

Whether we’re talking about a website, single ad, corporate brochure or comprehensive campaign, you need a concept that grabs attention and holds interest.

Creativity for creativity’s sake is a waste of time and money. A good concept is, first and foremost, firmly rooted in your culture, business objectives and differentiators.

A strong concept combines themes, headlines and images in complementary ways that will carry your story through multiple message delivery channels over time. It might tickle their funny bones, make them stop and say, “Huh?!” or appeal to their softer side – whatever will effectively impact your audience.

The best concepts give your campaign staying power, i.e., legs to stand on for a long time.

Finally, a valuable concept will move members of your target market to the action you desire.

These are the kinds of concepts I’ll develop for you.