Explosive Copywriting

by Martin “Red” Fredricks


That’s the reader reaction you should strive for every time you write a headline or copy for an advertisement, marketing piece, blog post, website advertisement or blog post. Words should figuratively blast off of the page, hit members of your target markets hard right between the eyes and make them want to take the next step in the buying process.

To make it happen, I use C4 (explosive copywriting).

I shoot for explosive copywriting one every project:

  • Clear – Simple, easy-to-comprehend, everyday language will maintain readers’ attention.
  • Compelling – Powerful words combined with active voice and style will effectively describe the benefits of your company, product or service to the people you want to spur to action.
  • Concise – No one takes time to read these days. Short is sweet.
  • Consistent – I will ensure the messaging supports your branding strategy and complements your other communications.

A fifth “C” – Creative – is a bonus that will help generate even more positive repercussions for your business or organization.

Let’s energize your communication with C4 copywriting and content creation today!