The Plasmid Ninjas – Behind the Scenes for 10 Years and Counting has been providing plasmid DNA for clients who develop amazing new medical treatments and medications through their research. After a decade of meeting client needs, it was time to update the website. FredComm has been honored to help.

In addition to writing website content, FredComm helped the Plasmid Ninjas write their first blog post. Check it out –

Thank you, And Plasmid Ninjas, keep up the good work.

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Screenshot of Lions United ROAR Scholarship webpage

Lions United Opens Doors Wider With ROAR Scholarship

New Work – Lions United Fitness Center is designed specifically for people with disabilities who want to live a healthier, stronger life and and adaptive athletes who want to improve their performance. FredComm has been working with the nonprofit’s founder, Andrew Cameron, since he began putting a public face to his dream of creating a welcoming, inclusive training and workout facility, with his business plan, positioning line development, copywriting and content development for the Lions United website and flyer and other miscellaneous projects. The latest work is messaging development for the new Lions United “ROAR Scholarship.” Click the image to check out the webpage.

Graphic from Lions United website for ROAR Scholarship

Screenshot from SnowWolf ActivEdge video - scriptwriting by Fredricks Communications

SnowWolf Video Introduces ActivEdge

SnowWolf released it’s latest sharp snow-removal accessory last week, the ActivEdge. FredComm was honored to help with the launch.

Screenshot of the homepage for Fredricks Communications client True|IT

New Work – True|IT Gets IT with Messaging, Website, Copywriting

fredcomm boils IT down for business technology company

“Technology That Works” is the tagline for True|IT, a business technology company in West Fargo, N.D. When the company needed messaging strategy, website content and marketing material copywriting that works, it turned to Fredricks Communications. Check out the new True|IT page in the “my work” section.