Explosive Messaging

let’s blow their minds

The reaction of members of your target markets whenever they see your ad, marketing piece or website? KA-BLAM! Words should figuratively blast off of the page or the screen, hit them hard right between the eyes and make them want to take the next step in the buying process.

To make it happen, I use C4. Every bit of copy or SEO content I develop for you will be:

  • clear – Simple, easy-to-comprehend, everyday language will keep your reader engaged.
  • compelling – The words will be powerful and effective in describing the benefits of your
    company, product or service. Active voice and style – with vigorous writing, transitions
    between thoughts and so on – will move your prospects toward the action you desire.
  • consistent – The messaging will support your branding strategy and complements your other
  • concise – Short is sweet.

I’ll throw in the fifth “c” – creative – for free.